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Whenever there is paranoia in a person it is really substantialness to overcome and usually ends up with the person not cosmea able to tell what his or her actions are going to do. The primary(prenominal) paranoia is that people fear that others will assume that they are capturees for some(prenominal) reason. The author uses examples of paranoia throughout the play. In Act two, Reverend hale warns the varans for not knowing one of the Ten Commandments. They are cite for witches because as Hale said in the Crucible whatever crack in the castle is a cause for deject, which would mean that since he committed an act of larceny and he cannot remember that commandment it would seem that black magic was upon him. scum bag Proctor could have forgotten the Ten Commandments because it simply passed his aroma at the moment, but as it was he was committed of witchery because of this small fault of remembrance. A separate example is when Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchery , Abigail did this because she was rag of lust for washbowl Proctor and believed that he wanted his married woman dead so that they could, as arse Proctor described, leap on her grave together. This describes that Abigail wants Elizabeth dead so she could have hind end Proctor and so the easiest way to get rid of her would be to accuse her of witchcraft at the time when paranoia of witches was at its highest. Abigail sets up Elizabeth Proctor after she sees Mary Warren making a poppet in court. Abigail stabs herself in the stomach with a unsubdivided leaf and so when they search the Proctor house they descry a doll with a needle in the graze where Abigail was stabbed. once more because of the paranoia they immediately jump to the conclusion that Elizabeth Proctor is a witch and stabbed Abigail by using the needle on the doll, exactly as Abigail hoped. Later in the same act, toilet Proctor asks Herrick wherefore the accuser is always innocent but, there was no answer. El izabeth ends up universe arrested while Abi! gail is completely unsuspected by anyone except for John Proctor. The author...If you want to get a total essay, order it on our website:

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