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Analysis of a Career Assessment Instrument Essay

Analysis of a Career Assessment Instrument - Essay Example Additional reason for choosing the MMPI relates to its enhanced accuracy after having undergone series of rephrasing and adjustments to overcome unnecessary biases. The original MMPI underwent revisions to become MMPI-2, MMPI-2RF and MMPI-A. Additionally, the choice for the instrument was due to the possibility of using it in legal and criminal settings to understanding psychological behaviors of criminals, and high-risk employment setup to measure mental fitness of candidates. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is a clinical test and measurement tool mostly used for investigating mental health issues. The instrument has a number of benefits that are important to recognize. To begin with, the instrument provides counselors with ability to avoid discriminations. This aspect is a factor of many revisions that the MMPI passed through with the latest taking place in 2008. For instance, the initial MMPI had certain elements that focused more on Christianity while ignoring other religions. Another benefit of using the MMPI relates to the availability of about 10 scales of measurement that target different forms of mental illness. For instance, Scale1 is hypochondriasis scale, Scale 2 is depression, Scale 3-hysteria, Scale 4- psychopathic deviate scale and Scale 5 refers to masculinity-femininity scale. As argued by Brown and Lent (2013), this division of scales makes it easy for professional counselors using the tool to conduct quick assessme nt whose results are mostly specific and accurate. Even with the scales, the instrument allows users to avoid prejudging patient conditions, and advocates mention of scale number as in â€Å"Scale 1† instead of hypochondriasis. Another benefit of MMPI relates to its synchronization to technological advancements that has made it compatible with computer. It is possible to analyze the test outcomes using computer software. The Minnesota

Les Miserables Research Paper Topics

Les Miserables Research Paper TopicsLes Miserables is a world-renowned film that has produced research papers on the themes of understanding, loyalty, love and revenge. The films plots are all about revenge and are the most popular aspects of the film for a research paper. This is so because the story is based on revenge but it also deals with love.'Yes,' said the Countess, 'it is revenge, but I think you mean I am not my friend.' 'And you think your friend likes me?' His voice is filled with disdain.Knowledge in the period between 1815 and 1870 was expressed through literature, which meant reading other people's writings. The genre of a study was known as 'Contrasts'. Basically, a contrast is the juxtaposition of two different ideas or facts that have to do with the same subject.The differences were studied as an avenue of investigation, because the ideas presented were abstract in nature. Examples of studies about contrasts include phrases from the events of the famous tragedy The Life and Times of Oscar Wilde, and lines from Shakespeare's play, Much Ado About Nothing. The difference between Countess and Mona Lisa, the husband and wife, in The Taming of the Shrew was studied for a thesis on the topic of 'Defects' that can be seen throughout the play.One can conclude from these examples that Les Miserables is a film based on a theme that is extremely relevant to present times. These days, many people today want to find out more about the topic of life, love and romance. As a result, many students want to make a distinction between the two subjects, as they believe that studying them separately will bring a negative outcome.For research paper topics, a good way to do it is to focus on the theme, because this means that the theme is more or less applicable to everyday life. There are also some other considerations that you should keep in mind. This is so because a good idea can be useless if it is given the wrong context.But you cannot go by a perfect theme, you must also take into account the context. So keep in mind that if you study a film, which is about love, it should be related to the present time. But when you study a film that is based on revenge, you have to remember that in the 19th century there were other ways of getting revenge. It may have been by murder, imprisonment, or imprisonment and by divorce.

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What You Should Do to Find Out About Social Environment in High School and College Essay Before Youre Left Behind

What You Should Do to Find Out About Social Environment in High School and College Essay Before You're Left Behind The Lost Secret of Social Environment in High School and College Essay Obviously, the area of business is quite wide. Though the scope and scale of your problem may vary, don't forget that USD is searching for civic engagement, social innovation, and international perspective. The feeling of duty or responsibility is the manner of human improvement. Classism in the USA is an incredibly large, yet silent prejudice that's continually causing many problems in our society, particularly in the ranks of our youth. Social Environment in High School and College Essay Features The great thing is that as soon as you've developed your letter for a single school. You're not liable for knowing what is needed to graduate. Various things to various folks, since the situation demanded. You've got a good deal more freedom to have work, and to do other things. High school vs . College school has a significant role in our life. You must be self-disciplined if you wish to graduate from college. Writing a college admissions essay is among the more challenging facets of the college application approach. Writing a good college essay for your university application requires you to tell the admissions officer a fantastic story. University campuses are wide and groups of buildings may be related to the institutions. The huge pothole on Elm Street that my mother was able to hit each day on the best way to school would be filled-in. It's hard for many poor to visit college because of such high tuition expenses. If your college or university campus provides school transportation solutions, be certain to discover how these work. Social Environment in High School and College Essay: the Ultimate Convenience! The college environment is much better, and a great deal of money is involved. Getting to understand the bigger college community and its surrounding s will allow you to feel more at home and begin to develop a connection to the college's social atmosphere. Once in college, you are in possession of a large variety of healthful and unhealthful foods to pick from every meal. There are equally as many nutritious foods in dining halls since there are junk foods. It's very beneficial to take writing apart to be able to see just the way that it accomplishes its objectives. The expression social environment denotes the manner a classroom environment influences or supports the interactions that happen among young children, teachers, and family. By way of example, effective and thoroughly qualified teachers with high expectations for students and superior teaching conditions are linked to strong academic performance in a number of studies. A high school student should structure their time and find tune in their study habits to ensure improved results. Becoming able to select the times of the classes you wish to take is of a huge advantage as it is almost enjoy the university is working about your schedule in order for your experience is as comfortable as possible. Students also need to take note that entering a tertiary stage usually means they must be thinking more critically and more academic as they're now treated as adult. Therefore, if you fail one of the 3 tests you've got during the semester, it is going to be really hard to acquire an A in the class. To begin with, in high school, you spend eight hours per day, five days per week in classes. Themes are available in all shapes and sizes, from the upcoming campus leader to the upcoming chemist. Second, many colleges want to get sustainability leaders. Most colleges have Facebook pages, and should you search you will come across different students from your major, areas of interest, or perhaps even a possible roommate. Colleges and hiring managers want to find authenticity, something that may be gained from an ordinary-but-authentic job. You only need to be sure you budget your information and anecdotes wisely, so you may write not one, but two compelling and distinctive essays. For most students it's a challenge attempting to determine what to highlight in a college application essay. Locating good essay topics which you could discuss effectively and create powerful argumentative essays is a difficult work. Reading top college essay examples is a significant way for students to learn to write college application essays. If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Social Environment in High School and College Essay At times it's helpful to observe how others were able to get over the difficult first-line hump. So, you have the sense that however intelligent you're in the subjects, but there are different individuals too. Explain why the dilemma is vital. Once parents are taken out of the equation, you're left with you and your choices.

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Who Is Misleading Us About College Student Essay Writing Contests?

Who Is Misleading Us About College Student Essay Writing Contests? Up in Arms About College Student Essay Writing Contests? Nowadays it is quite popular to participate in various college competitions. After that, click submit for an opportunity at some excess spending money. Your stanzas rhyming or not could be well worth a fair quantity of money in these types of competitions. Submit your work to such competitions for an opportunity to win notoriety, rewards and needless to say, cash prizes. All About College Student Essay Writing Contests Who knew essay writing might be so tough. The essays must feature over five sources and a complete bibliography. If your essay sounds like you feel you're somehow simply superior than other individuals, you ought to keep in mind that the admissions readers are, in reality, other individuals. You're able to order a custom made essay and other types of academic writings at any moment. So when you have an essay assigned that you will need help with, you can purchase essay online cheap from us. Your essay entry is going to be the property of Brave Enough to Fail proceeds to inspire me to pursue my dream of higher education in addition to my determination to be a physician. Writers is going to have the chance to interact with students. Work ought to be under 1,500 words. Writing is a lifestyle for me. The Unexpected Truth About College Student Essay Writing Contests Winners will be given a cash prize and will read from their work with an evening program with a notable guest author. The winner will likewise be notified by email. Possessing a skilled editor give you feedback on your work is a fairly fine consolation prize. You might have heard similar advice many times before, but nonetheless, it really does hold true of attempting to generate a memorable bit of writing. There's not anything wrong with writing contests which have a little entry fee. Don't turn into a writer because you believe it is a simple alternative. The type of essay you're looking for will be provided to you within the deadline offered to you. Again, as it's an open group, be mindful about posting things that you wish to have published elsewhere. It is possible to write a quick story on any topic. It may not appear to be a lot, but it is a rather interesting contest with cool topics. Discovering the right writing contest for you can be a tough and time-consuming course of action. In that case, the ServiceScape Short Story Award is the ideal way to attain both. The winning essay is going to be published on the Gotham site. Therefore, for this year's essay writing contest, you're expected to compose an argumentative essay relating to this topic. Here's What I Know About College Student Essay Writing Contests Regardless of what genre you would like Business Studies, Microeconomics, Business Management and Financial Accounting, we're here to serve your requirements. Applications submitted after that time won't be accepted. Students are qualified for a wide array of monetary prizes. Have a look at the educator's page for more info about ways to support this contest at your school. Newsletters can demonstrate a profit in various ways. Introduction to Newsletter A newsletter is currently regarded to be among the most incredible ways to publicize a small business. While it is essential to fix the technical issue, it's also appropriate to acknowledge the risks that create the emotional reaction. Resolving a technical issue could possibly be only partially effective should it not also deal with the customer emotional concerns. The deadline cannot be extended, and entries received after the deadline won't be considered. The 2018 deadline hasn't been announced.

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Billy Budd - Good and Evil Essay Example for Free

Billy Budd Good and Evil Essay In the play Billy Budd, the author, Hermann Melvinne, creates two conflicting character personalities which are portrayed as good and evil. John Claggart (Master-At-Arms) tries to destroy Billy Budd because he is jealous of Billys reputation and acceptance among the crew. There is also a conflict involving Captain Vere when he is forced to decide on the fate of Billy Budd after he kills Claggart. Billy is a handsome, young sailor, new to the ship and eager to impress. Billy becomes very popular with the crew. When seeing Billy accepted by the crew it reminds him of the their dislike for him and he becomes jealous. The Danksters conversation with Claggart also shows his fear that he will lose the power he held from the fear of others when he says ? they turn from hating you to loving him, and leave you impotent. Claggart becomes determined in destroying Billys reputation. Claggart ? lives on hurting people and his evil nature prevails through his attempts to bring down Billy throughout the play such as when he orders Squeak to ? put that new seaman Budd on report and when he lies to the captain and falsely accuses Billy of starting a mutiny. Billy is innocent in a sense that he has done no wrong which leads to his blind and naive view of evil. The Dankster tries to warn Billy that ? nobodys friend is Jimmy-Legs and by saying ? he is down on you but he does not see Claggart to be a threat of any sort. Billys innocence and devotion to good do not let him see the evil in Claggart whom is trying to destroy him but eventually conflict resulting in the murder of Claggart from a blow by Billy. Billys retaliation leads to another conflict between good and evil where Captain Vere must decide Billys fate after he commits a crime punishable by death after killing Claggart. Vere likes Billys character and would not like to see Billy put to death. Vere accepts that Claggart provoked Billys retaliation by lying and can see the evil in Claggart but also recognizes the call of duty which at war-time was non-tolerable for such an offence. Vere is troubled with the conflict of conscience and duty and under the circumstances of war he does what is right and has Billy hung. Captain Vere loves Billy and has no problem with him in any way but finds where authority has evil it will command. In conclusion Billy was innocent but by failing to see the evil which was upon him he became unable to protect himself from it, being Claggart, who held an authoritarian position higher than him. Captain Vere was also exposed to evil through Claggart by not stripping him of his rank before he began to provoke Billy which then lead to Veres decision to put Billy to death. Therefore even the good exposed to evil in a position of authority will sarcome to evil retaliations.

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Essay on The Crucible: The Concept of Conscience :: Essay on The Crucible

The Crucible:   The Concept of Conscience Conscience is the awareness of right and wrong. In The Crucible, the idea of conscience in strongly emphasized. Miller himself said, "No critic seemed to sense what I was after [which was] the conflict between a man’s raw deeds and his conception of himself; the question of whether conscience is in fact an organic part of the human being, and what happens when it is handed over not merely to the state or the mores of the time but to one’s friend or wife." The idea of conscience in the play The Crucible is based very much on Christian concepts, firstly the idea of morality, or conscience of right and wrong, secondly the idea of the confession of sin, and finally the idea of guilt and penance for sins. Conscience, then, as an issue of morality, is defined very clearly at the start of the play. "†¦a minister is the Lord’s man in the parish; a minister is not to be so lightly crossed and contradicted" says Parris in Act One. Here it is established that theologically the minister, in this case, Parris, is supposed to be the ultimate decider of morality in Salem. The Church, in theocratic Massachusetts, defines conscience. Right and wrong is decided by authority, and the authority here is the Church. Law is based on the doctrines of the Church, and Salem is a theocracy.   "For good purposes, even high purposes, the people of Salem developed a theocracy, a combine of state and religious power whose function was to keep the community together, and to prevent any kind of disunity†¦but all organization is and must be grounded on the idea of exclusion and prohibition, just as two objects cannot occupy the same space. Evidently the time came in New England when the repressions of order were heavier than seemed warranted by the dangers against which the order was organized." So firstly Salem was a place where the conscience of the people was strictly governed by the theocracy, and socially Salem was repressive. However, at the start of the book, we see that the people of Salem have already begun to strain under this strict idea of conscience, this repression. Abigail says to John, "I look for John Proctor that took me from my sleep and put knowledge in my heart! I never knew what pretence Salem was, I never knew the lying lessons I was taught by all these Christian women and their covenanted men! And now you bid me tear the light out of my eyes?

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Payment system

Types of payment system: They could use Commission: Workers are paid a percentage of the products' sales value this would be suitable as it would motivate staff to sell more as they rely on commission to earn money. They could use a bonus scheme: Workers must achieve pre-agreed sales targets to earn the bonus. This would encourage staff to sell more which would increase the company's turnover and profits.They could offer sales staff a salary: This would provide staff with financial security. However, it may not motivate Taft to sell more are the same amount Is pay each month regardless of performance. Performance related system: where pay Is linked to performance, with higher level of performance leading to Increased pay. Time or flat rate system: In which pay Is expected as an hourly, weekly or annual rate. How it motivate staff? People feel strongly about it.Pay helps to satisfy many needs (e. G. Security, esteem needs, resources to pursue self-actualization) Pay is the subject of much important business legislation It helps attract reliable employees with the skills the business deeds for success Pay also helps retain employees – rather than them leave and perhaps Join a competitor For most employees, the remuneration package is the most Important part of a job – and certainly the most visible part of any Job offer.Effectiveness Money can be used to motivate employees across a broad spectrum of Industries. In fact, according to the Personnel Systems website, a survey conducted by the American Compensation Association and the American Productivity Center showed that up to 89 percent of companies using financial incentives for staff were rated costive or very positive by more than 1,500 individuals taking the survey.Because everyone can use more money, this is by far one of the most common and effective ways to motivate staff. Broad Options Another advantage of using money to motivate employees is that a company has broad options in terms of the way to use it. From special bonuses to commission pay to gift certificates and cash rewards, money can be used In a variety of ways to get employees to strive for bigger and better goals.Moreover, companies have the option o change It up, depending on the specific goal In mind, so that cash Isn't always the best In which money can be used to motivate; sometimes, It can be Increased benefits that save the employee money without the company needing to write a Money appeals to all demographics and can motivate the lowest grade employee all the way to the CEO. This is another distinct advantage of using it to motivate staff because it appeals to all types of staff. The less an employee makes, however, the more he may be motivated by a few extra dollars in his check or incentive pay of some sort.